Q. How long is my quote valid for?
A. All quotes are valid for 30 days and often longer. Occasionally quotes may have to be amended due to unforeseen circumstances such as fuel price increases, wars and other influences outside of our control.

Q. How do I book a shipment?
A. Simply email us directly, reply to the email address your quote was sent from or call / fax us.

Q. What documentation do I need for an export?
A. Normally a commercial invoice, packing list and details of your receiver are all that we will need. For some destinations, additional documents such as certificates of origin may be required.

Q. What documentation do I need for an import?
A copy of the commercial invoice along with your VAT number (if applicable) is all we will need under normal circumstances. For certain loading points, we may require certificates of origin.

Q.How soon can you collect my cargo?
A. We can usually collect the following day after the shipment is booked. We always try our best to accommodate customer’s wishes and do often collect cargo the same day. If your shipment is urgent, please give us a call.

Q. How and when do I have to pay?
A. We are always happy to set up credit accounts for customers with regular shipments. First time air and courier  shipments will need to be paid in advance and sea freight shipments need to be paid for before the cargo arrives at destination.

Q. My cargo is very urgent, do you have any premium services?
A. Yes – please call us for a quote.

Q. Can you collect and deliver something within one day
A. Possibly. Please call us with your requirements and we will see what we can do.

Q. What type of items can I send?
A. You can send just about anything including dangerous and hazardous cargo. We do need to know in advance about it and online prices may not apply.